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Thank you for making Woodland the choice for your family.  Our Gem in the Woods has supported children in becoming extraordinary young adults for nearly 65 years!  As a steadfast partner in your child’s development, Woodland forms virtue and academic growth, which opens up a world of possibilities and future successes.  

Students and families for whom financial aid is a necessary support mechanism in Grades 1-8 may be eligible to receive financial aid, by clicking the button below to access the FAST Application.    


If you have any questions while completing the application process, please call 1-877-326-FAST (3278), our twenty-four hour call center.

Digital Process or Traditional Mail?

  • How do families submit their tax documents?
  • Parents can submit their documents digitally, or via traditional mail.  
  • Families have the ability to submit tax documentation to FAST directly using the link/ FAST button above, which will open the tax document uploader. Once families have paid for their application, which submits it to the FAST system, parents can access the Quick Processing Wizard/ Upload My Documents.
  • The Quick Processing Wizard helps you determine what documentation is needed based on how you file specifically. Once you have answered the questions in the Quick Processing Wizard, you will then have the ability to upload your documents.
  • Alternatively, you may mail COPIES of the requested tax documentation to the address below. Please do NOT send any originals.  Please note: FAST does not accept documentation via fax or e-mail.

Independent School Management
ATTN: FAST Processing Center
2207 Concord Pike #417
Wilmington, DE 19803



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