About Woodland Country Day School in Bridgeton, New Jersey


Our Mission

Woodland Country Day School is dedicated to educational excellence for its students in an environment that builds self-esteem, confidence, and respect for others. Academics, Athletics, and Aesthetics are watch words for our program.

Woodland  Prayer

O God, bless this day we share together.
Help us to stand for the hard right against the easy wrong.
Save us from habits that harm.
Teach us to work as hard and to play as fair
in your sight alone as if all the world saw.
Forgive us when we are unkind and help us
to forgive those who are unkind to us.
Keep us ready to help others at some cost to ourselves.
Send us chances to do some good every day
and so to grow more in your grace and favor.


Woodland Country Day School is a community of students, faculty, and parents working together to create the best possible environment for the intellectual, social, physical, and moral growth of its students.The academic expectations that we have established are challenging, but realistic. At all levels, students are grounded in a solid foundation of skills. The development of strong study skills which prepare students for secondary education is emphasized. Small classes encourage a close relationship between the students and faculty, and foster an environment of nurture and support.

Woodland offers a multi-faceted program which helps young people reach their fullest potential. The academic and co-curricular programs help students to develop self-esteem, confidence, responsibility, and leadership.

Enrollment is limited in numbers, but diverse in character. The school welcomes students from all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, reflecting a cross section of South Jersey communities that the school serves.

Parental involvement is considered an essential element in the education process and is highly valued and encouraged by the school. The resulting sense of community and cooperation among parents, students, and faculty provides strong support for the students as they encounter new ideas, skills, and challenges.

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