Upper School

Mr. James W. Fuerst, M.Ed., Head of Upper School

Students in Fifth through Eighth Grade experience a rigorous curriculum equipping them with skills and attitudes vital to success beyond the Upper School.

Students encounter a range of subjects — science, geography, history, mathematics, scientific math, English, Spanish and Latin — while gaining skills in reading, composition, technology, art, music, drama, and physical education.

Through individualized learning, group projects, leadership and service opportunities, and extracurricular activities, Woodland encourages Upper School students to expand their creativity and curiosity. At the same time, students are given a foundation in time management, study skills, and research methods that will benefit them in high school and college.

Upper School students also:

  • Nurture citizenships through weekly advisor program.
  • Participate on sports teams, Student Union, or the National Junior Honor Society.
  • Organize fundraisers and service projects.
  • Mentor a kindergarten student through Woodland’s Big Brother and Sister Program.
  • Explore other interests through Friday afternoon club meetings.

Curriculum Offerings

English — Exposing students to various forms of literature, vocabulary, and grammar helps them become more thoughtful and critical readers, more deliberate and skilled writers, and more involved and responsible human beings.

Etiquette — Addressing the many facets of etiquette including meetings and greetings, technology etiquette, and dining etiquette in a fun and interactive way prepares students for personal and professional success.

Fine Arts — Students earn the principals of perspective, detail rendering, foreshortening and positive-negative space and experience 3-Dimensional design.

History/Geography — Viewing global studies through the lens of the impact on the development of western civilization, history and geography are taught by a single teacher throughout the Upper School years.

Latin — Learning to read and pronounce Latin lets our Seventh and Eighth graders sharpen their grammar skills and broaden their vocabulary.

Mathematics — After completing the Common Core State Standards through Sixth grade, students are introduced to Algebra and problem solving strategies.

Music & Drama — Along with developing a confidence to perform, the music and drama studies in the Upper School foster an understanding of music theory and music and drama history.

Physical Education — Building a strong mind and a strong body go hand in hand. Students have this fitness, sports class three times a week.

Science — Biology, Physics and Chemistry concepts are the core in a program teaching students to become critical thinkers, and to understand and apply scientific concepts, principles and theories.

Spanish — Students are immersed in the cultures of Spain and Latin America via storytelling, history, geography, dance and food with 40 minutes of instruction three times a week.

Technology — Fostering technology literacy, Upper School students utilize the MS Office Suite of programs – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher and the Internet for research, reference, and fact-finding, as well as language and writing skills.