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Families in the Woodland Country Day School community recognize the value of a private school education. We could not offer our students such excellent teachers in small classrooms amidst state-of-the-art facilities without the funding from tuition fees.

Nevertheless, Woodland could not be the school it is today without welcoming a diverse student population. Through the Board of Trustees’ ongoing attention to affordability and offer of financial assistance, Woodland continues to uphold its history of opening its doors to those who can benefit most from a rigorous academic experience.



2022-2023 Tuition

Preschool (PK2/PK3/PK4) – 3 Full Days: $6,150*
Preschool (PK2/PK3/PK4) – 4 Full Days: $7,250*
Preschool (PK2/PK3/PK4) – 5 Full Days: $8,350*

*Early Morning and After Care is included in tuition for Preschool students.

Kindergarten: $8,350

1st – 4th Grades: $9,975

5th – 8th Grades: $13,200


Technology Fee (Grades K-8) $225 per year
Book/Activity Fee (Grades K-8) $225  per year

Miscellaneous fees may be incurred throughout the school year. Homeroom teachers will typically contact parents/guardians regarding fees for class trips or other educational opportunities. Payment terms are often offered to make each special activity available to all students.

Early Morning & Extended Day Care Fees

Early Morning Care: $8.50/day per child.
Extended Day Care: $8.50/hour per child billed in 15 minute increments.
Late Pick Up Fee: A family arriving later than 6:00 p.m. to pick up a child will be billed an additional $25.

Tuition Assistance is Available

Woodland recognizes student potential with financial aid grants determined based on family need. Grants of up to 50% of tuition for each child — unless unique circumstances warrant additional aid — can be renewed annually as long as recipients remain in good academic standing and demonstrate good citizenship.

The Tuition Assistance Committee of the Board of Trustees annually awards grants in the spring for the upcoming academic year based on family application information provided via FAST, our independent financial aid processor. Click here to begin your financial aid application.

All financial records, requests, and awards are kept in the strictest confidence. For more information contact the Head of School

Payment Schedules

Woodland Country Day School provides two payment plan options, via our FACTS Management System:

In Payment Plan A, families make payment on the following three-payment schedule via our FACTS Management System:

May 15: 10% of Annual Tuition (less deposit)
July 1: 60% of Annual Tuition
December 1: Remainder of Annual Tuition

Families can also manage education expenses via Payment Plan B, which spreads expenses into monthly installments paid throughout the school year via our FACTS Management System.

There are three options:

  • April 1 to March 1 in 12 equal monthly payments
  • May 1 to March 1 in 11 equal monthly payments
  • June 1 to March 1 in 10 equal monthly payments

Families will pay a $20 enrollment fee for Plan A or a $50 enrollment fee for Plan B, to FACTS Management System. If a family decides to enroll after June 1, a lump sum payment may be required to bring the account current.

Admissions during the school year are prorated.


Click FACTS Logo to set up your tuition payment plan.