Pre-K to 8th Grade Private School in Bridgeton, New Jersey

Parents’ Association

Success Depends on Family

Woodland’s success depends on family volunteer’s time and talent.

Family involvement is highly valued at Woodland. Fostering a sense of community and cooperation among family, students, and faculty provides strong support for the students as they encounter new ideas, skills, and challenges.
The support of family volunteer time and talent is invaluable to the school’s success. At the same time, lifelong memories are made for family members, their students, and the rest of the school community.

Each Woodland class hosts or co-hosts at least one significant event during the school year:

Field Day
End of Year Teachers’ Luncheon
Teacher Appreciation Day

Back to School Night Dessert Reception

Get Involved!

Each class has two room parents that may help with class trips, class parties, teacher appreciation, class projects, and more,

In addition, family members can help out with:

Book Fair
Breakfast with Santa
Field Day
Pumpkin Carving Night

Please keep your ideas and suggestions coming!


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