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Welcome to Woodland!

Thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to learn about our little Gem In The Woods, a school centered on the child, and driven toward excellence. We hope by exploring our site and learning more about our beautiful community you will be able to understand some of the qualities which make Woodland stand out in a sea of schools, and numerous ideas about what makes education relevant. Our focus on the student, families and community have been a hallmark of Woodland for nearly 65 years. The thoughtful care which we give to your child’s growth and development delivers results which allow our alumni to pursue their greatest academic opportunities, build confidence, and cultivate a healthy self-image. 

With nearly 65 years of experience in developing powerful educational opportunities and a million moments that build children up to be their best, the legacy of Woodland are the alumni we have nurtured, and the ongoing accomplishments our graduates continue to earn. Welcoming a visitor who attended Woodland 40 years ago, his visible joy and sense of awe revealed an exceptionalism to the WCDS legacy. Excited to find The Gem In The Woods once again, and hearing him speak of his own experiences, you could see the memories dancing in his eyes, and it was outstanding to witness Ivy Manor remain such a formative experience in his journey. The joy it brought him as he remembered his time at Woodland was palpable, and he quickly remarked that it is still just as beautiful.

Again and again, I meet great people who wholeheartedly are interested in the best for Woodland, its students, and families. It’s easy to see that Woodland takes into account all of the things that make a child whole, and catching up to community members demonstrates a rare pride. Certainly, making Woodland a second home for our students and families has been central to the mission and care we have sought to develop. Endeavoring to deliver a world class education, while remaining faithful to our traditions and service to families, is evident in the numerous alumni who choose to enroll their children, and build our community for another generation.

Thank you for visiting, we look forward to meeting you soon,
Juan Nagore
Transitioning Head of School



Lara Blew - Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Seventh Grade Homeroom Teacher, & NJHS Advisor at Woodland Country Day School in Bridgeton, New Jersey

Mrs. Lara Blew

Incoming Head of School

Mr. Juan Nagore

Transitioning Head of School

Juan Nagore - Head of School at Woodland Country Day School in Bridgeton, New Jersey

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